The Creative Cartel is owned and operated by an award-winning creative team that has worked together for over 11 years, delivering creative excellence and nationally recognized campaigns. Together, they helped build and run an agency for one of the country’s largest non-profit organizations. Took a breakthrough technology start-up company from ground zero to the nation’s largest consumer technology show in under four months. Helped a German luxury automobile rise to tier one status in North America. And even designed the paint scheme for Jeff Gordon’s racecar, which he drove to victory in his final NASCAR race. And that’s just scratching the surface.


The only thing moving faster than Scott’s mind is occasionally his motorcycle. He loves the pursuit of strategic, creative ideas — especially those that open minds and wallets. Plus, helping teach others how to think beyond the expected. This has helped see Scott and his teams to many local and national awards, including ADDYs, EFFIEs and a Global Lester Wunderman “People’s Choice” award. His experience comes from both private-owned agencies and worldwide creative leaders such as Wunderman / Y&R DC and NY. And even though he’s a writer, Scott enjoys surrounding himself with vivid colors. So long as each color is black.


Rebecca isn’t one to trifle with. She knows a good idea when she sees one. More important, she knows how to turn good ideas into great ones that simply cannot be ignored. Rebecca brings years of creative excellence and leadership to the party and has earned herself and her teams many awards along the way, including national ADDYs and EFFIEs. All while working at some of the world’s most celebrated agencies, including McCann-Erickson, Arnold Worldwide, and Wunderman. But her prowess isn’t limited to art direction alone. She kicks ass at whatever she sets her mind to. Always in some seriously stylish shoes.

It’s all about the company you keep … and what you do for their brands.

Throughout our careers we’ve worked with amazing clients on some incredible brands. Below is only a sample. And we’d love to discuss featuring yours in the future.

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Our operation is simple: Make your brand stronger and your day better. Without the ego, overhead and runaround the old guard likes to push. At The Creative Cartel, the idea is always king. And will always be better than your competitor’s. Let’s get to work.

Work with great people. Do great work.

This is exactly what we've been doing as a team for over eleven years. Here are just a few of our favorite highlights.

We don’t live for awards. But we also don’t hate posing our action figures with them occasionally.

Filming in Budapest, Hungary, with our AARP client, our amazing personal guide, and director Westley Sarokin from The Mill, in NYC.

A little fun at a shoot in Mount Vernon with our friend George Washington … and his sword.

Taking a break with one of our favorite photographers, the one and only Cade Martin.

A week in LA with one of our super clients, super shooter, Ron Berg and an entire cast of superheroes.

There’s never a dull moment with our friend and rockstar Director David Jellison. (And yes, he actually was in a rock band.)

In North Carolina with Jeff Gordon and our longtime friend and producer, Donna.

Shooting in Brooklyn, NY, with Ataboy Studios and television host Samantha Brown.

A photo that’s a little hard to explain. And, unfortunately, cannot be unseen. Taken in Nashville, TN by the amazing Mark Tucker.

If you’re not having fun or doing great work … you’re doing it with the wrong people.